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Professional Carpet Cleaning!

Are your carpets in need of a refresh?

Watch our video to discover how our health-safe carpet cleaning solutions can transform your home into a cleaner, safer haven for your loved ones. Say goodbye to dirt, stains, and allergens without compromising your family’s health. Click to watch now!

Our carpet cleaning process

Our Carpet Cleaning System will leave your carpets as good as new every time. We never skip any of the steps to ensure maximum cleanliness. The FAB system was developed by our leaders with the collaboration of professionals in Biology and Chemistry. Our system has been scientifically proven. 


Pre-Cleaning Inspection

We visually inspect you carpet to identify potencial concerns.



Dry soil is removed with our commercial vacuums. This is a crucial step for amazing results.



A cleaning solution to soften, dissolve and break down dirt easily.



Spots are treated with professional products to increase chance of removal.


Pile lifting and deep dirt removal

A professional tool used to soften the soil and other particles that are clinging to your carpets.


Soil Extraction, Rinsing and Neutralizing

Using our powerful truck-mount system we extract the soil, rinse and neutralized the carpet.


Post Spotting and Grooming

Grooming allows a faster drying time and your carpet pile will dry in the right tall position.


Speed Drying & Final Inspection

Commercial air movers are placed to  stimulate faster drying. We do final walk through inspection.


The benefits of cleaning your carpets with the experts.

With over 25 years of experience, we have perfected our methods and systems to deliver our clients the best service experience ever. We are cleaning nerds, always learning new procedures to stay at the top of our game and also analyzing everything with science. This is how we can guarantee our work and say we are experts in our field.

  • Minimize the disruption to your business with afterhours or weekend service.
  • Protect your carpets with preventive cleaning to minimize the tear and wear.
  • Extend the life of your carpets up to 50% more, saving you thousands of dollars.
  • Keep high traffic areas clean and looking amazing.
  • Remove bacteria, viruses and other contaminants to protect your employees, customers and yourself.


Our Guarantee

When you hire FAB Maintenance Services you can be sure you’re working with a professional maintenance company. Our main goal is to help our customers thrive, to always leave your facilities better than we find them. We have heard so many horror stories from our clients about hiring other companies, this is why we offer the best and strongest 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our job, we will take the following steps to repair it.


Reclean any areas that are not to your satisfaction


Repair or fix any damages to your propery caused by us


Refund what you paid for if you are not satisfied with the reclean.

Check our real and proven results

Real photos from our jobs, we are not photographers we are professional cleaners, these are our results:

before and after 1

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Norwalk, CT

before and after 3

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Wilton, CT

Tile and Grout - Before&After

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Stamford, CT

What our clients say about us


“Jaime and his staff did a wonderful job on the floors at our office. I had to call him to fix the mess another contractor did. FAB went above and beyond our expectations. I plan to use them again in the future. I would highly recommend them!”

Josephine T.


I was looking for a good, reliable company to meet my commercial cleaning needs after working with numerous companies that just couldn’t do the job. FAB has been exactly what I was looking for. They have met and even exceeded my expectations!

Megan S.

“Our mission is make our client’s facilities look the best they can”