Choosing the right carpet cleaning company is not an easy job. Many companies offer a wide variety of services, experience and good reviews. But sometimes this is not enough. Knowledge is a key factor that separates the good from the excellent. We present to you 5 common mistakes most carpet cleaners do. If your company of choice does one or more of these mistakes, it means its time for a change.

    1. They don’t vacuum before cleaning: Vacuuming is a crucial step in steam carpet cleaning, it removes 60% to 70% of the dry soil that is on the carpets. Also, many carpet cleaners will ask you vacuum before they arrive. Pre-Vacuuming a carpet before cleaning is part of the process and it should be included in the service.


    1. They use too strong or too concentrated chemicals for a carpet with no heavy soil: Carpet Cleaning isn’t a series of steps one should follow; it involves at least an understanding of basic chemistry. This basic knowledge is essential to any carpet cleaning professional in order to make your carpets look as good as new.


    1. They don’t rinse the chemicals: This will lead to residue in your carpets and will shorten their life span.


    1. They do not use fans to speed dry the carpets in places with low air circulation: Air movers help to speed dry your carpets, but they are crucial in areas with a low air circulation to prevent moisture.


  1. They don’t do a post inspection: Success lies in the details; many companies or technicians try to rush the process by skipping important steps like doing a final walk through. The post inspection should be done to insure that you are completely satisfied with the results.
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