What Makes a Great Janitorial Cleaning Company

//What Makes a Great Janitorial Cleaning Company

What Makes a Great Janitorial Cleaning Company

Amazing employees

A sign of any good business is the quality of its employees and how they treat them. This is especially true of janitorial service companies, where the employees will come into your business and directly affect the outcome of their services. All custodial and janitorial staff should be highly trained and knowledgeable.

When the company is great, their employees stay with them. A great janitorial services company will have a low turnover rate, meaning they are not constantly having to hire new employees to replace previous ones that quit or move on in a short amount of time. This also means their employees will have years of experience at that particular company and will be experts at providing their services.

Quality equipment & maintenance

A great janitorial services company doesn’t have to have technology from the future to be great, but they should have up to date equipment. If their equipment is great, they should be happy to tell you about it if you inquire. The best companies are proud to showcase their top of the line equipment to potential customers because they want to show that they invest seriously in their business.

Also, a great company will take care of their equipment and maintain it well. They will know how to fix any problems with their equipment and will not use equipment on the job that is broken or severely worn down. Custodial equipment does endure a lot of dirt and heavy handling, but you will be able to tell when equipment is well-used versus old and beaten up.


A great janitorial services company doesn’t waiver on quality. Each job should be as excellent as the last. If you find yourself having to make complaints as the quality of service goes down over time, you’re hiring the wrong business. Even if complaints earn you better quality service for a time afterwards, the fact that you have to complain in the first place is unacceptable.

Consistency is key, because a great business shouldn’t need to scramble to do a great job. You want a company whose customers report consistently great service over multiple cleaning jobs. Otherwise, you get stuck with a company that eventually lapses into a “good enough” mindset, costing you time and money. Whether it’s because the company doesn’t care about its customers, or simply because they aren’t equipped to offer consistently great service, you deserve to have a janitorial cleaning service that you can depend on.

If you recognize these qualities in the janitorial services company that you’ve hired, you’ve found a great one!

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