Things You Should Consider When Comparing Janitorial Cleaning Companies

//Things You Should Consider When Comparing Janitorial Cleaning Companies

Things You Should Consider When Comparing Janitorial Cleaning Companies

Deciding on which janitorial cleaning company to use is not as straightforward as picking up the phone and ringing the first company that you come across. If you’re looking at using the services of a janitorial cleaning company, or even thinking about changing the company who is currently servicing these needs for you, then there are some things that you need to consider before deciding on which janitorial cleaning company to contract your cleaning needs to.

In the current economic state it is highly necessary to do your research and make sure that the services which you are receiving are value for money. However, do not be fooled by price. A low cost may also mean that you receive a low level of service as a result. Value for money is about finding the company that can offer the services that you require at the lowest price, but also offer the best services and practices. In order to find this out you need to make contact with a wide selection of janitorial cleaning companies and find out which custodial services they provide, if these services meet your needs, and which pricing methods and practices they have in place.

When comparing janitorial cleaning companies you must also ensure that you meet with the company representatives and ask them to walk you through what their service would provide for your specific needs. Most janitorial cleaning companies will state that they have a pricing system based on square footage; however, this may not apply to some areas as they may be laid out differently. For example, the cleaning requirements of a lobby are much different to an office room full of cubicles that is the same square footage. Therefore, it is best to have the pricing based on your own requirements.

Another point to consider when comparing janitorial cleaning companies is what their health and safety practices are like. You may want to find out which cleaning products they use and check if they are eco-friendly, as this may be something that you or your business stands for. You also want to make sure that they have good cleaning practices in place, such as not using equipment used to clean a bathroom to then go and clean office areas. Ensuring that the cleaning company keeps up high standards and practices not only ensures that the job is well done but it will also protect visitors and employee’s health and well-being.

Lastly, before you decide which janitorial cleaning company best suits your needs, find out what their reputation as a cleaning company is like. In order to find this out you can ask either the company for references, search for reviews online or speak with other people or companies who you know have had experience with the janitorial cleaning companies that you are considering. By doing your research into the specific companies, you will possibly eliminate any future issues, as you will be informed and able to assess which company is best suited to your cleaning needs.

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