How to Choose a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

//How to Choose a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

How to Choose a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

Choosing a commercial carpet cleaner can seem overwhelming if you do not know what to ask about or look for. So, to help you out, we have compiled a check-list for you:

  1. They have friendly customer service: When you call a company to inquire about their service, your first clue to the kind of customer service they offer is the tone of voice of the person who answers the phone. If their front-man is not friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to make your you and the business you are offering them feel as valuable as it is, then hang up the phone and move on the next company. You want someone who will be assuring, who is willing to answer all of your questions, and who inquires about all of your needs. They should take the time to ask questions to make sure they understand what you are asking them for and they should definitely not rush you, talk over you, or assume they have you figured out before you have your chance to explain.
  2. They have experience: Next, it is important to ask what kind of experience each company has and how long they have been in the business. There is nothing wrong with a new company or business, but you want to make sure that you hire someone who is not sending you a newbie without proper supervision. If your stains are not treated properly, there is the potential to cause the stains to set deeper into your carpet instead of removing them completely. That’s not what you want. If they are hiring new team members, it is important to make sure someone experienced will be accompanying them in order to oversee the process.
  3. They can explain their process to you: There should be no hesitation from the friendly customer service representative about the process they approach your carpets with! If they cannot tell you how it is done, move on to the next company. You need someone who takes precautions to keep your family and their team-members safe and who is confident in the process they use. It is not wise to breathe-in the air around the chemicals released during the deep cleaning portion of the process, so it is important that the company asks you either not to be home or to stay out of the room while they do that part. You also want to ask the company if they have commercial sized fans they are willing to leave with you while your carpets dry. This is very important because if your carpets do not dry properly, they are at risk for developing mildew and mold. That is the last thing you want after investing in a deep-clean for your carpets!
  4. They use top of the line and safe cleaning solution: You should definitely ask what cleaning-solutions they offer. If you are looking for a cleaner for your home, and especially if you have young children, it is important you ask them how natural their product is in order to prevent allergies for your family. You want someone who cares, not someone who is cheap!
  5. They are fully certified and insured: You want to make sure the company you put your trust is in backed by important people who believe in them, too! Ask about their certifications and if they are willing to provide paperwork upon arrival on the job!
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