Carpet Cleaning in Office Buildings: Tips from Professionals

//Carpet Cleaning in Office Buildings: Tips from Professionals

Carpet Cleaning in Office Buildings: Tips from Professionals

The video you see above shows how we steam clean office carpets in Norwalk CT. But there are some things you can do too. Keeping your office carpets looking great is so important for business. That is why we have compiled a list from the pros of 5 things you can do on a regular basis to keep your carpets looking their best!

  1. Invest in quality equipment and use it regularly: It is imperative that you invest in great quality equipment even if that means spending some extra cash. In order to keep up commercial looking maintenance in your office, you will need commercial equipment. Foot traffic brings in pollens, dust, and various allergens that make a home in your carpet. It is important to vacuum more than 2-3 times a week in order to keep your carpets fresh and your customers & employees happy! We suggest calling around and asking important comparison questions to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Call the top sellers and ask them questions like, “what can I expect from your product in 5 years?”, “How does your product hold up against other products?”, “What insurance is available for your product?”. Do your research to be sure the investment you make is right for you!
  2. Provide regular maintenance for your equipment: We have found it truly is a cycle. A clean vacuum takes care of your carpets and a clean carpet takes care of your vacuum! The key is regular maintenance for both! This means take apart the vacuum head and clean the brushes, replace the vacuum bag as the manual suggests, and even wipe down the vacuum cord with a paper towel to prevent short circuiting.
  3. Invest in the cleaning-solution you use: In order to have the best you will need to make an investment in a high-quality carpet cleaning solution. Cheaper brands generally do not get the job done. You need a solution that will sink deep into your carpets to truly release the dirt to allow for a proper cleaning. Your carpets make an impression to anyone who enters your office. It builds an image in their minds about who you are and you want them to have an image that is impressive! A proper cleaning will prevent future stains and this will overall keep your carpets looking great and your wallet looking even better!
  4. Look at different styles: It is imperative that you look for equipment that will not harm whoever is using it. Backpack vacuums are great for this! Anyone in your company cleaning your carpets can use them and they provide quality results!
  5. Show appreciation for the employee behind the equipment! We highly recommend verbally showing appreciation and respect for the person you ask to clean your carpets! A loved person loves well. An appreciated person works hard. And a respected person respects you. If you verbally thank the person cleaning your carpets, you are sure to make them feel valued and that is sure to produce a great work ethic in them. This will essentially keep your employees happy and your carpets looking better than ever!
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